Campaign: Supporting the Spanish housing movement PAH

June 2013

Housing bubbles forced the Spaniards to record unsustainable loans to secure shelter. The subsequent economic crisis in Spain led to unemployment of 25 - 50 percent among young people - and prevented many in paying off their loans. They are being evicted.

 PAH visited the Red Green Alliance’s Annual Meeting 2013 and their representative, Sara Vásquez Galan, will travell around the country and hold meetings in Aalborg 22th May, Aarhus on 23 May, Odense 24th May, Copenhagen on 25th May at the end of the tour.

See Sara Vásquez speech at the Red Green Alliance Annual Meeting 2013 here

Sara Vásquez Galan talked about the situation in Spain and PAH's work in connection with the massive evictions in the country. Along with Sara will also be presentations on the euro crisis and the general situation in Europe from Nikolaj Willumsen one of our representatives at the Danish Parliament.

"We are in the middle of a war" 

by  Sara Vázquez - PAH Málaga

"On the last April 25th,I travelled to Copenhagen as the spokesperson for the Platform for Mortgage Victims in Málaga (PAH Málaga). I was invited to salute and show our gratitude for the solidarity campaign by the Annual Congress Red-Green Alliance towards our movement.

"We could never have imagined what a warm welcoming we were going to receive. The situation that many individuals and their families are suffering is totally unsustainable. Four years ago, some of our people lived their lives in perfect normality, like you do. They had their Jobs and their homes. Now, some of our people are committing suicide from pure despair."

"The economic bubble burst in the U.S. and subsequently, the credit market dried up in Spain. Thus, our economy went into a coma. First, they were the self-employed and small businesspeople with no credit nor commissions, and their employees. Then, the austerity measures arrived: the banking bailout and with it, the rest of our society. When you hear the word bailout, one has to translate it directly to "attack".

We are in the middle of a war. The foreclosures are leaking into our homes and destroying them from the inside. Our struggle depends on self-organization, self-management, empowering and mutual support. Only a society that is aware and prepared can fight back the horror we are facing in Europe. Our duty is to resist and change it. It is only possible because of us and it depends on us. Thank you very much for your support." 


Spanish housing movement

PAH (Plataforma Afectados por la Hipoteca) is a popular movement that works to curb bank evictions and ensure people's right to housing. The movement gained momentum during the so-called indignados 15-M mobilization and now have platforms in more than 40 cities.

The movement organizes hundreds of actions to stop evictions and has occupied empty buildings owned by banks around Barcelona where they offer shelter to families who are evicted.

Visit the movement's website


Spring Campaign

The Spanish housing movement is working to help the homeless Spaniards. The Red Green Alliance will support this work by running a campaign until 1st of June to collect money for the cause.

The campaign was launched with a reception on March 15th on Trabibar in Copenhagen and will during the spring be followed by a variety of activities across the country.

”What is happening in Spain, is disastrous, and the EU does unfortunately only make the situation worse with large banking packages and constant demands cuts in public services. PAHs are doing something actively to focus on issues and help disadvantaged families. We at the Red Green Alliance support their struggle.” says Nikolaj Villumsen, member of the Parliament for the Red Green Alliance