International work at the Red-Green Alliance

The solidarity work of The Red-green Alliance is based on two principles:

1)      Peace, democracy and human rights are at the same time means and ends in the fight for a just distribution of power and resources.

-       When the workers’ movement fought for the universal vote in the Nordic countries, it was in the knowledge that democracy was a tool to take power over your own life. When people around the world fight for democracy today, they are not just driven by the joy of being able to put a piece of paper into a ballot box. They do so for the right to food, school, health and the power over the natural resources of their own country.

2)      Solidarity is not a one-way street. One should be able to drive in both directions. Solidarity means uniting our struggles so we meet and use each other’s experiences. Solidarity should lead to a collective knowledge and action in our party.

-       It should be expressed when we right now cooperate with the Resistance Front in Honduras who are struggling to unite the left wing in spite of the right-wings coup d’état and persecution. When we support the democracy movement in Swaziland. When we support young Palestinian left-wingers who fight to influence Palestine of the future. When we support the new left-wing alliance in Columbia in its work for peace and social justice. Or when we are inspired by the bank-critical activists of the Spanish anti-debt movement.