The European Left Party Supports Venezuelan Government Against Violent Onslaught

For a couple of weeks still more violent manifestations have been taking place in Venezuela, several persons have been killed and widespread destruction has followed. According to declarations from the most extreme opposition the intention is to overthrow the government, either directly through the manifestations of by creating a level of chaos and confrontation where outside assistance to the opposition could be claimed. Already the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has been asking for an inquiry of the government.

The right wing opposition in Venezuela is dominated by extreme, fascist-like, tendencies with activities all over Latin America and the US. Similar events like the last days preceded the coup in 2002 – successive electoral defeats of the right wing within a strong democratic tradition since then do not satisfy their aspirations. The government of Venezuela has pointed both to the similarities of 2002 and to a continuous US support to overthrow the legitimate government. Most recently, from 2010-12 within the plan of fiesta Mexicana, groups have been trained to generate chaos and confrontation.

The Government of Venezuela calls for an end to this violence and hate, promises to defend the Bolivarian revolution and maintain the institutionality. As part of this Nicolás Maduro has called for a huge manifestation in Caracas for peace and against intolerance the 15th of February.

The European Left Party strongly condemns these violent and destabilizing efforts. We wish to draw the attention both to the level of international coordination of the efforts of right wing groups in Venezuela as well as systematic distortions of the events in the international press. Also we wish to express our support and solidarity with the people and government of Venezuela. 

February 15, 2014.