A Municipal Breakthrough

More than hundred candidates from the Red-Green Alliance stand to get elected in the municipal elections in November 2013. Today the party only has 17 municipal councillors across the country, but for the first time the party will run for elections in almost all municipalities.

A Possible Landslide Victory

The estimate of a hundred councillors is most likely to modest. It is based on the Red-Green Alliance getting the same amount of votes as in the general election in 2011, were party got 6,7 per cent. Recent polls shows a higher percentage, and polls in Copenhagen has shown that the party stands to gain more than 20 per cent of the votes.Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, Susanne Langer and Morten Kabell

A Brand New Party?

If the Red-Green Alliance gets a breakthrough in the municipal elections, the party will have to profoundly change. New networks and background groups will be necessary to support the new councillors participation in the city council work.

"If the Red-Green Alliance gets around a 100 people elected in the municipalities, which is the gentle version, we will become a completely different party", says Mikkel Warming, Mayor for Social Services in Copenhagen.

But even though municipal politics is often more concrete than in the national parliament Christiansborg, the party's main principles will not change.

Per Clausen, Member of Parliament for the Red-Green Alliance explains: "We are against any deterioration and for any improvement. The interpretation is of course a local decision, but the principle has been used in budget negotiations in the municipalities of Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, and it has worked satisfactorily."

The Red-Green Alliance is a democratic socialist party with the aim of combining politics for social change with politics for solving the great environmental problems both on national and international level. 

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By Anne Rehder, November 2013