Solidarity with Murat Kanatli from Denmark

The parliamentary group of the Red-Green Alliance express our solidarity with Murat Kanatli, Turkish Cypriot activist, conscientious objector and member of the Executive Board of the Party of the European Left, who was sentenced to 10 days in jail by a military court for refusing to participate in annual military mandatory exercises in the northern part of Cyprus.

We know Murat as a peace activist and advocate of a political solution tin Cyprus, where the northern part is illegally occupied by Turkey since 1974. We know it has been his political commitment and freedom of conscience that guided his choice.

The Red-Green Alliance expresses our solidarity with Murat Kanatli and reaffirms our condemnation of the Turkish occupation and hope for a political solution of the Cyprus problem.

Nikolaj Villumsen, spokesperson on European Affairs on behalf of the Parliamentary Group of the Red-Green Alliance in Denmark.