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International work at the Red-Green Alliance

The Red Green Alliance works to promote peace, democracy and human righst as means for a just distribution of power and resourcers in the world. Our work is also intended to strengthen international solidarity bounds with comrades from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Latin America, and unite our struggles so we meet and use each other’s experiences.


Red-Green Alliance support imprisoned Swazi activists

By Peter Kenworthy, the Red-Green Alliance / Africa Contact

Danish democratic socialist party, the Red-Green Alliance, yesterday sent a statement of support for two imprisoned democracy advocates to Swaziland's government. President of the pro-democracy party, the People's United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), Mario Masuku, and youth leader Maxwell were arrested on May Day, and subsequently charged with sedition - Masuku for expressing support for his own organization in a speech, Dlamini for allegedly shouting "viva PUDEMO". They have been in prison since then, as they were denied bail.


Solidarity with Murat Kanatli from Denmark

The parliamentary group of the Red-Green Alliance express our solidarity with Murat Kanatli, Turkish Cypriot activist, conscientious objector and member of the Executive Board of the Party of the European Left, who was sentenced to 10 days in jail by a military court for refusing to participate in annual military mandatory exercises in the northern part of Cyprus.


Red-Greens champion Polish seamen

Christian Juhl, MP for the Red-Green Alliance, states that the Danish Ministry of Defence is responsible for securing appropriate pay and working conditions for the Polish seamen working on the ships that are going to carry chemical weapons from Syria. Read more


PUDEMO follow Danish municipal elections

By Peter Kenworthy, Africa Contact and Red-Green Alliance

"I am surprised that Danish political parties are always looking for consensus. The ownership and respect for the process by the Danish people shows - why can't we learn from that. We come from the old British political system where we are always contesting." The President of Swaziland's largest political party, the People's United Democratic Movement, Mario Masuku, is speaking from a polling station in Gladsaxe, a suburb of Denmark's capital, Copenhagen.


The EU should make stronger commitments to secure democracy and security in Honduras

Four years after the coup d´état in Honduras political violence and repression escalate as elections approaches. A new report recommends that the EU suspends its failed security programme in the country.

The report analyses the impact of the EU´s Programme for Support of the Security Sector in Honduras (PASS), which has been criticized by civil society organisations. With a budget of 45 million euros, PASS is the largest public security project that the EU has outsite of Europe. The report urges that EU suspends PASS and pushes for actions against violations of human rights. Furthermore the report suggest that the EU, as main donor of developmental aid to the country, changes its failed strategy for poverty reduction.

The report is written by the independent Honduran researcher Gustavo Irias, and published in cooperation with Enhedslisten - The Red-Green Alliance. 


Result of the municipal and regional election in Denmark 19th of November 2013

The Danish municipal and regional election was a historical success for the Red-Green Alliance (RGA). We are now a nationwide party with representatives in all regions and corners of Denmark. With a raise in votes from the previous election in 2009 from 2,3 % to 6,9 %. The RGA now have seats in 79 municipalities and all regions of Denmark instead of only a presence in 10 municipalities and one representative in the capital region around Copenhagen. The total number of city councilors has gone up from 14 to 119 and from one regional elected to 15.


Campaign: Time for democracy in Honduras

In connection with the upcoming election on November 24th 2013 in Honduras we have launched a campaign in support of free, transparent and peaceful elections, with the aim of raising awareness about the current political situation, the electoral process and the political repression in the worlds most violent country. During the elections a delegation with members of the Danish and the Swedish Parliament will rapport live from Honduras. Link


A Municipal Breakthrough

More than hundred candidates from the Red-Green Alliance stand to get elected in the municipal elections in November 2013. Today the party only has 17 municipal councillors across the country, but for the first time the party will run for elections in almost all municipalities.