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Campaign: Supporting the Spanish housing movement PAH

June 2013

Housing bubbles forced the Spaniards to record unsustainable loans to secure shelter. The subsequent economic crisis in Spain led to unemployment of 25 - 50 percent among young people - and prevented many in paying off their loans. They are being evicted.

 PAH visited the Red Green Alliance’s Annual Meeting 2013 and their representative, Sara Vásquez Galan, will travell around the country and hold meetings in Aalborg 22th May, Aarhus on 23 May, Odense 24th May, Copenhagen on 25th May at the end of the tour.


Party-to-party cooperation funded by the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD)

The Red-Green Alliance has collaborative party-to-party projects in Honduras, Palestine and Swaziland. At the last Annual Meeting we had the honor of welcoming a representative of the Honduran party LIBRE. This year we have a delegation of 6 guests visiting from three Palestinian youth parties, as well as a representative from PUDEMO our partner in Swaziland.


Right-wing government defeated, Red-Green Alliance triples seats

By Inger V. Johansen and Line Barfod, September 20, 2011 


Right wing government wins new term - far left advances

Aage Skovrind, February 10, 2005 

The Danish general elections on February 8th have left the country even more polarized, with two clear-cut blocks in the parliament. The far left Red-Green Alliance has consolidated itself as a stable force in Danish politics. The main challenge is now to convert the electoral progress to a strong movement against the right wing government that creates poverty, war and xenophobia.